customer commentsCheryl L Kane, MBA
Customer Comments

"The impact you had on our group is just unbelievable."
-Program Manager, State Agency

"Cheryl, I think you did a great job of facilitating. You moved us on when necessary, clarified points that people were making that otherwise would have gotten muddled and kept it all upbeat and positive. Thanks."
-Owner, Private Mortgage Company

"Your enthusiasm was contagious and it really inspired the participants"
-Division Director

"I cannot thank you enough for the insight and candor that you demonstrated during our training sessions. I have never heard anyone receive so much positive feedback from our directors!"
-Director Human Resources, City Government

"Cheryl taught me to sit back and see things as a customer would. She had the vision necessary to make suggestions to improve the atmosphere by focusing on projects within my control."
-Manager, Regional Department Store

"One of the best (training seminars) I have ever attended. I have been to many all day workshops on topics and did not receive as much information as I did in 2 hours."
-Business Seminar Participant Survey

"You did it again! You made my job easy and made me look good. I've never worked with anyone so dedicated to customer service. Your organization skills made me extremely comfortable. You did an excellent job of tailoring the program to the audience. The evaluations of your segment of the conference were fantastic."
-Assistant Executive Director

"Your cheerful attitude and in-depth understanding of our business is greatly valued by those who have worked with you."
-National Banker

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